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I love this app, I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to eat healthy and exercise in a healthy way

This app will help you healthier. Perfect!

I highly recommend this app to anyone that is trying to become healthier or even lose weight because it is super easy to use and was created by nutrition experts.

I love this app so much.It is very useful.

I love this app, use it almost everyday because of the workouts it has. The workouts are designed for your body type so you won t be too tired or too uncomfortable trying to catch up.

This app is very helpful for me to lose weight. Thanks!

I shared this app's advices with some of my coworkers, and we've been trying some recipes for lunch hour too. We're feeling better than two weeks ago, oh yeah!

Lose weight easy with this app. Thanks!

I've lost some weight just by following a good workout + healthy meals plan. This app is so cool!

Highly recommend this app for planning lose weight.

I've got a meal plan and I'm sticking to it. It's an easy thing to do because the recipes are really good. I recommend this app!

Wish trial was longer.

Wish the free trial was longer than 14 days. Should be a 30 day free trial option.

Amazing quick workout !

I love this app!! It pushes me....reminds me....and I get it done fast .....especially when time is short!! Overall so happy with this!! I’m dripping with sweat after tabata!😊❤️

Subscription problems

It charged me $71.99 without my consent so buyers beware.


The best workout out there! I love it

No way to cancel

Signed up for the free trial however it will automatically be charged to my account through my Apple account and I can find no way through this app or on Apple to cancel that future payment.

So disappointed

Paid the $71 for a year and since then, the app will no longer load. Habits and meal plan screen stays blank. If i tap the discover tab in meals I get recipes but there is no plan. Very disappointed, these apps take advantage of people and their desires to be healthier and feel better about themselves. This app provides no reminders, no motivating messages the app is a BIG waste of money, almost 100 dollars down the drain. I would demand a refund, but I understand now why you have to agree to terms stating there are no refunds. I will never trust another app. This is why I was leery in the first place of an app like this. I actually did research on numerous weight loss and healthy lifestyle apps and this one stood out and seemed legitimate. Very wrong.

Took out money even after I cancelled I have SS to prove it. Beyond mad

Took money out even after I cancelled free trial!! Do not add app.

Looove it, but....

Best app ever, incredible results, user friendly. The iPhone app doesn’t sync coorectky with your iwatch. For example: on the iwatch doesn’t show the same video that you are watching on the iPhone during your workout. Sometimes the iwatch has trouble saving your work out . As a suggestion, you should write a small instruction about the correct position, what to do, what don’t, or which muscle you should feel it’s working, so you know you are doing it right.

Apple Watch Integration Glitch

The app is fantastic. The only problem is when I use the Apple Watch 8Fit app it does not log the work outs in the phone app.

Let the app be your personal health coach.

This app has taken so much off my plate: meal planning, creating my grocery list, and workout planning. The meals are easy and quick per my customized request for that, and the list feature saves me tons of time. My two qualms: first, if you do let it take care of lunch and dinner for you, the meals are all around 850-900 calories. If you follow it to a T, that’s two meals at 1800 calories, which is hardly a deficit for anyone trying to lose weight. The exercises are not sufficient to make up for that. And that’s not including breakfast. The snacks are around 600 calories. So I do a “snack” for lunch and a “dinner” for dinner. This seems to be more effective. I also have been incorporating more activity independently - walking, running, hiking. The workouts are a great kickstart to the day; the rest of the day you should be following up with an active lifestyle. (Side note, it would be fantastic if y’all paired up with FitBit!!) My second qualm: the recent update (May 2018) for the meals tab is less likely to crash, but it does not allow me to meal plan as far out, nor is it as convenient with scrolling through the week. The vertical scroll for the day with horizontal for the week (and weekday selection at the top) made more sense and was more efficient from a user standpoint than just vertical scroll with no weekday menu at the top. Beyond that, this app has helped me feel healthier and happier with how I care for myself. I have gotten stronger and more motivated to be healthy, and I have learned a lot. Let the app be your personal trainer, but also take initiative - don’t just mindlessly follow every step.

Doesn’t get heart rate or weight data from Apple Health

Update: The app is working again in the latest version. In the previous broken update the tour feature repeated each and every time you switched between tabs making it nearly unusable. Glad it’s fixed and hopefully something like that won’t make it into an official release again. Have increased my rating accordingly. Apple Health Integration - App does not read the available fat and weight from Apple Health requiring it to be manually entered which is very frustrating. The app settings support writing food data to AH but it does not. Thus when you mark food as done is does not get saved to AH and can’t be used by other apps. Apple Watch App - Watch app doesn’t do much at all which is unfortunate since ideally the app could be used primarily as just a Watch app but doesn’t integrate with Apple activities and other issues. Scheduled Workouts - App recommends you workout 3 times a day, since that is what is required to get a star each day. So you would expect that you could set 3 times for each day for reminders but you cannot oddly. Instead after each workout you have to set the next time and there is a bug where you can say next workout today but it will suggest an hour that has already passed. Rich Notifications - Are non existent. When the app suggests you workout force touch should allow an option for starting the workout, snoozing the workout or skipping. Music Each station seems to always play the same songs. Would be great if it allowed you to select a playlist from Apple Music and set as default like Nike Run Club. Sharing While you might want to share a workout once in a great while, I can’t imagine anyone sharing that they just worked out several times a day so no idea why that is the featured call to action after each without. It should be the secondary. Instructions - Its sometimes confusing when it says say 12 times but hard to know if that means 6 on one leg and 6 on other, or 12 on one one and 12 on the other next time etc. AppleTV - Doesn’t integrate at all to my knowledge. Meal Plan - Great recipes, but would be a million times more helper if you could send weekly to Instacart so you could pickup your groceries easily. This would save so much time. Currently can’t sync to Apple Health so can’t integrate with MyFitnessPal. Families Most families have both partners working out, but no way to connect two accounts so you can share eavothers info, or have meal plans be same for each person with just the serving size different and generate a family grocery list. Measurements Apple health only lets you record waist size. Would be helpful if this app allowed you to record weekly photos and measurements for arms, chests, etc to track over time. Stretching App offers warm up but no cool down. Would be nice to have cool down that showed recommend stretches to do based on the muscles you just worked out. Have only used the app for about 2 weeks so these are just a few of the big things that jumped out right away. While it has a a bit of a ways to go, this app has great potential if they continue to resolve and improve those issues. UPDATE: Over another year and the app still requires you to manually enter in weight even though it simply needs to read the weight from Apple Health were its entered automatically from smart scales. Going to down grade to 1 star until this is resolved. It’s not a one star app but it’s been a long time and feel like the only way to get a core issue like this resolved is through ratings that in the long run affect purchases. Will update as soon as fixed.

Listen to what I have to say......please.

It’s great, but if they allowed you to do everything without upgrading to premium it would be better. I also downloaded Lose It! on my phone I,I like it better when logging meals. For workouts I like 8fit


This is how they Trap you; new members are required to do auto renewal, then you forget about it. They will not notify you when your account renews and once they charge you, it’s too late. No refunds will be given. So don’t let these crooks steal more of your money; cancel now before you forget. There are plenty more free apps that provide this service, and are honest and fair; not by entrapment.

Cancelled subscription and they still charged me

App even says I have the free service. Contested the charge and it will take 7-10 business days to get a refund. Thanks 8fit

Do not use free trial

They will charge you 64 dollars whether you cancel or not. Then give you a run around on how to contact the appropriate person to handle the problem.

A great app but.....

I love 8 fit!!! It's a great app but there's 1 thing that would make it perfect for me... and that's LANDSCAPE MODE! I use 8fit on my iPad Pro and it's a HUGE PAIN that the app only works in portrait mode. Is there anyway to do landscape???? That would make my life so much easier. Would you consider this??? Thanks in advance!

great app!

This is the best workout app by FAR that I’ve tried. I’ve had this app for about 4-5 months, and I lost 10 pounds. I didn’t use the food planner, but I made healthy choices and did not eat any bad foods.


Although if you follow this app verbatim, it'll definitely help you lose weight, however, I had a two week free subscription and forgot to cancel it so they charged me on the 15th day. I hadn't even used it once so I emailed for a refund and a cancellation. They refused refund so I am very disappointed with it. Now I've paid $65 for an entire year which I won't use, we'll see.

LOVE the 8fit app! YOU WANT IT!

I love the 8fit app! It’s so easy to use unlike some of those other apps that are so time consuming. I love being able to tailor a meal plan to my preferences and diet restrictions but it doesn’t hide all the other options from you. I love the quick workouts, too, and that you can chose an alternate exercise than the one provided. I wish you could have friends on the app. It’d fun to see what your other app users are doing. My bootcamp class uses it and it’d be fun to be able to see them all on the app. That’s my only negative about this app. YOU WANT THIS APP!

Can’t Cast to Tv

I love the quick work outs that I can do when my kiddos take a nap because I never know if I get 30 min or 2 hours. So I love that about the app but when I have time I would love to use it on my Tv. I won’t buy the full version till I can cast it.

It takes forever

It literally takes forever for it to load


It looked like this was a free app that had in app purchases, but it’s just a 14-day free trial.

Navigation confusing

Cant refind past recipes Navigation clunky end up circling through tabs not finding what am looking for

Muy bien


I can’t believe it!

8 Fit is the answer to my dreams. I am so excited to have stumbled over this ap/opportunity for my fitness needs. I literally can’t wait to do it the next day! It’s a full nine minutes of sweat! I am thankful for this virtual trainer!

Get Groovin'!

Fun, simple to use and set up, great videos, music, and more! Give it a shot! I love it!

Crappy app

If only I could not give this app any stars. I downloaded this app last year (2017) & I cancelled my subscription after I found it didn't work for me and it STILL billed me for 2018!! Do NOT download this app!

I wish to add the Arabic language to the application ️️

I wish to add the Arabic language to the application ️️


The yoga feature on this app is amazing... really helped me get in touch with my body. Thank you

Just started!

I am getting back into shape @ 55 and I love this program so far!

Scams not download

Someone need to stop the apps which stars for free and ask for money and all your info after installing the app

First day

This is only my first day to use the app. So far I love it. We will see as time progresses!

Don’t follow their recipes

Astonishingly their recipes call for Canola Oil, which is genetically modified Rapeseed Oil - mainly used as a toxic pesticide. makes me question everything else about this app. Eat toxins and lose weight by working out 9 minutes a day? I’d say waiting for a lawsuit more likely.

God sent

Simply amazing

Almost perfect

I love this app! It’s almost perfect! There are only a few thinks I wish I could tweak or add so It could take the place of my other app too. For now I’ll continue to use both. I love that it tracks my steps, gives me food suggestions, and activity workouts! My brother shared the app with me. And while I can’t fully use it because I’m on a working vacation... it’s getting me very geared up to go home.

Me gusto mucho esta app

Es muy dinámica te guía cómo si fuera tu couching personal y te guía para seguir con la rutina te pone horarios y te dice cómo alimentarte!

Started out good then glitched

I liked it when I first downloaded the app. Fit well into my routine and exercises are modified for each persons ability. The music and sounds are not working on my app. I have tried to download again but still no sound or music. They are turned on in my settings! The sounds are super helpful in notifying for transitions from exercises. I dislike constantly checking to see if my rep is through and exercising with no music 😞.

Good for me!

My girlfriend signed up to do what she thought was a 7K but turned out to be an 8K later this coming up weekend and so I went to jog outside to try to get ready so that I could join her even though I’m not a jogger and then I came inside and thought I really have to figure out if I can do this or not so I saw an ad for this and downloaded the app and did the exercise and I actually enjoyed it. Love the music!

Very thorough

I appreciate the way I can customize this app to My fitness level. Although how to break up the exercises is not self explanatory. One set each day? All sets throughout the day? As many as you can in one session? ???? Still exploring. Meal plan looks great. But a bit tricky to go to the store and be ready for the week when you don’t seem to be able to print out the shopping list ahead of time. As I said, still exploring.

Nga dills

Hard work out but I love it because it’s good for my body and my health. Thank you so much.

I is great

It gives you a description of the exercise and examples it’s great


Saying that I can lose pounds in 22 to days it made me feel super happy and that first work out made me energies and sure it was a little hard but I work hard to achieve my goal so 8bit really helps me

Amazing app :3

This app is amazing! It lets you workout anywhere anytime. It s fun and super easy to use.


Highly recommend! If you want to lose weight and don t know what to eat, this app helps you do just that with advice from experts.

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