8fit Workouts & Meal Planner 앱 리뷰

Can’t open app since update

Since updating my iPhone I can’t open the app and don’t want to delete as it will erase my data! Help!

Too many steps, no trial

It asks too many questions and then forces you to buy a plan without even giving you an option to see the plans or exercises. Don’t like it at all

Love the App but there are bugs

I love the workouts and the meal plans and how cheap everything is. There are 2 bugs I noticed where I put in my weight for the day and it logged my weight from the day before 5 times. It’s annoying because my weights graph is off and I have to delete the messed up weights 5 times and when you log back in they are there again. Bug #2 it makes me go through the tutorial every time I click on the app and it’s the same tutorial every time. Other than those 2 bugs the app is amazing.

Crashes all the time

I liked this app ok when I first got it. I ended up paying for it so I could get more workouts and meals. Now it just crashes all the time, loads for a second then just goes to a white screen. Updating didn’t help. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money.


Prfct, but in iran pay mony is so difficalt


Looked at the app once, never really used at all. CONSTANT push notifications but nothing to tell me it would bill me $64! Now im stuck with this app a year and down $64! NOT WORTH IT! There are free apps out there for better. Can’t reach anyone in customer service so again, paid for something i never wanted.

Great app with a need for improvements

I really enjoy the new workout classes and the recipes they have. Has helped me achieve my goals. I wish however, that in the shopping list, different categories can collapse/hide when marked done. This would make shopping easier. I also wish there was more recipes with some flavors. A need for more ethnic food choices would be nice!

Over 40 Club

Although I have only done 3 workouts so far, I have sweat every time. I love that it is doable for the busy person...no more excuses!

Diet restrictions/limitations are ridiculous

I have Eosinophilic Esophagus so I’m on the “top 8” diet which avoids the top 8 allergens and so there’s not much help there for those with allergies.

Loving it! Definitely recommend!😍😍😍

I’ve been using this app for a while and it works great! I love how it challenges you and it’s free! It gives great tips and really helps you get fit! I’ve tried so many other fitness apps, but this is the only one that really works for me.

Keto meals please

This app is amazing, (2yr Pro member) But, I have to delete it because it doesn’t offer Keto meal plans. Now I’m on the hunt for an app the has these features with Keto meals!

Love this app

Best app for work outs hands down love the videos to show me how and how long for perfect love it !

Me encanto 😍

Muchas gracias

Watch app doesn’t work

Looks ok but I really wanted something to work with my Apple Watch. Watch app keeps giving error message

Not Happy

8Fit Pro deducted $59.99 from my bank account. There was no discussion about this st all. I do not want 8Fit Pro. You did this without my permission. Please refund my money! How does one get in touch with 8 fit?

Overpriced and limited

The advanced workout plan presented is exclusively calisthenics, no options for the type of training pursued are offered, and the meal planning tool that the app sells itself on is behind a pay wall. Underwhelming.

Be careful you are charged for the whole year at the end of 2 weeks

This is a very good app for the 2 weeks of trial. But then I think it should go to a month to month and not charge for the whole year. Pros: 1 Really helps with the meal planning. Having the recipes and grocery list really helps!!! 2 The quick workouts are very doable. 3 The reminders help 4 Good for portion control Cons: 1. Freezes way too often which is very annoying 2. They just started my paid subscription and my meal plan has disappeared 3 The big con is that they have no summary of how you are doing in terms of calorie in and calories out. 4. You cannot manually log if you eat anything else and see what impact it had on your day. 5. The calorie count on the workouts is totally off! If it says 180 calories I burned 50. 6. There is no live chat support. The only way to reach them is through email. Though they have been very responsive there. Cheryl is amazing!!! 7. Portion control becomes a challenge if you try to cook a meal for the family. You have to make your own meals separate for this to work. Which is doable but can be a deterrent at times. So overall, the YouTubers promoting this app get it for free for when they try it and don’t subscribe to the whole year of it. So either just go with a month to month and see or cancel before free trial ends and switch. Even though it is only $5/pm when you pay for the whole year, I would pay $10/pm instead so I can cancel when I am done which I would say would be couple of months.

Bad tracking

Frustrating from the outset. Inaccurate in getting data from the Health app


I completed 2 of the first exercises and I am sweating!!! It gives you a good workout. Don’t let the time fool you!

Terrible customer service

I had the app for like 5 minutes wanted to choose the subscription with a free trail to see what it was all about but when I looked at my account I was already charged $30 and when I went to get it a refund they wouldn’t allow it. Don’t waste your time or money on this you can do way better with other apps


It is amazing the work out are not too stressful and the food options are great. Would totally recommend

You need to pay for anything worthwhile.

Wanted the meal prep, really. I’ve already got my work out routine. But you gotta pay for that no exceptions.


amazing! trying to lose weight and it’s perfect. not too hard, not too easy!


This app is too restrictive. The option to select a vegan meal plan is misleading if you’re unable to consume gluten or other specific grain products. Then you cannot select food items that you don’t like to eat otherwise you get a notification that your choices are “too restrictive”. My gluten-free diet is not by choice and the fact that I cannot use the app is a huge let down. This was a huge waste of my time.

So fun I’m only 13

It is so much fun and me and my friend are doing it as an activity instead of a priority


Ok- this is kind of pricey, but so far worth it. It’s Pinterest, a meal logging app, and a fitness coach all in one. My favorite part thus far is the food prep- you select ingredients you prefer to use, provide specifics about your budget and habits (ex. I meal prep), and you’re provided with recipes aaaaaand a shopping list broken down by where in the store you find the items.

Love this, thank you!

What an awesome app. Getting me fit and I’m sticking with it. It’s easy and rewarding. Just commit about 10 minutes per day.I love these do from home exercises. In very little time with no equipment and no gym membership, I am building muscle and getting lean. Thanks 8 fit!!

Amazing !!!!

It’s a personal trainer in my phone. It has everything; meal plan including recipes & grocery list to fit all your dietary needs. Meals are great and recipes are easy to follow Workouts are intense but fun. They even have music included to keep you amped. This is genius. All you need is the discipline and commitment.

Great but wish it had integration with Fitbit

I love this app for a quick workout. I really wish it integrated with Fitbit though. It would be nice to get credit in the app for steps logged on my Fitbit!

Promised free trial, got nothing

I hate these apps that capture all your personal information under the guise of a free trial (I would pay if I liked it). You download the app for free, give them all your information and then can’t expect any value whatsoever without signing up for a $60 subscription.

Won’t log in

Won’t log in used password it glitches. Tried forgot password, no email. Tried logging in with FB ,it just loads.

Great apps


I want my money back

I decided this app wasn’t for me, but it will not allow me to cancel my subscription without apples support. Every time I click the “continue” button to adjust my auto-renewal setting the app bugs out and kicks me back to the main menu. I’m getting charged $40 every 3 months for a service I don’t use and am unable to cancel, apparently.

Best workout app!

I have tried so many different work out apps and this one is finally a keeper. They have made it very easy to understand and teach you how to do the work out. Plus they have a bunch of options. Thank you!

Mixed feelings

I’ve just been using 8fit for a few days now and one thing I love is the variety of exercises available. You can find online workouts for so many types of activities. However, I do not like the meal tracker as well as some other apps I’ve used in the past. I wish it tracked all my calories and macros and not just the actual foods I ate. On many fitness apps there is a calorie index and you can enter ingredients or personal recipes and it will update all nutritional info for you. This is a feature I’d like to see added. I’ll probably keep the app for the exercises and meal recipes.

1 Star for Poor Customer Service

I got the free 14 day trial due to hearing many good experiences about this app. When it wasn’t at all what I intended, I cancelled the trial. However the money was still taken out of my account for a year subscription that I did not want. I tried contacting someone and am getting nowhere. Not pleased.

Do NOT fall for the free trial.

It’s pretty bogus that you don’t allow even partial refunds for cancellation after the trial period. I honestly forgot I even downloaded this app and agreed to a trial until my credit card was charged. So now I won’t be charged another $60 NEXT year. Awesome.


Perfect workout! Quick, effective ! And loved that it showed me my calories burned! Favorite workout app so far!

I can’t get in!

I just got this app today and after it had downloaded I tried to get into it but it just showed the 8 sign and told me it was loading. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it but nothing’s worked. Any suggestions?


This app over charged me, canceled suscripción AND STILL CHARGED ME. FIND ANOTHER APP

Catered to Everyone

Finally a workout that fits me. App figures out what your starting point is and adjusts the difficulty from there. I’m almost 50 so I selected a medium fitness level. I had to take a couple breaths in between exercises, but since the app allows you to hit the start button before it moves to the next exercise it was no big deal. Not overwhelming for the beginner, but I imagine can challenge the really fit if you chose those options. Well done!


Great workout! Thanks for a great find!


I downloaded this app long time ago. I deleted out of my phone because I cannot afford 50$ to pay. I checked my subscriptions, I didn’t know I was charged. Is there away to get my refund! I did not even know I paid, and I did not even use the application💙 I am single mom and financially support my family members outside USA. I will not pay 50+ I don’t even know how I was charge or when I was charged or how to cancel it.

Big Fail

I tried for 2 days to set this app up. Can’t get past the I accept terms and conditions. Keeps crashing. I would give it zero star if I could. Instead I deleted it!!

Impossible to use and to cancel

Automatically renewed and no way to cancel, even through Apple store Do not recommend at all.

The only app that’s ever helped

This all is a serious lifestyle change. It has made me (who is horrible at planning ahead and hates bland boring healthy food) a serious believer in being able to eat healthy and love it and see results. The meal plans are simple to follow and allow me to customize to all my dietary restrictions and they’re DELICIOUS. The workout are also great to follow and super effective. I’m always sweating afterward, and they’re short enough that there’s never any excuse for me to miss one. Plus they are easy to stack up to make a more intense workout. I’ve struggled the last 5 years to drop 10 pounds and this app helped me achieve it in 2 months. It’s amazing.

Great start🏖!

Great start🏖!

This app helped me do what I never thought i’d accomplish!

I started using this app in april. I wasn’t the best eater when I started working out, but even then I noticed weight loss within less than a month! I wasn’t getting results as fast as I wanted, so I changed my diet BARELY, and since april I have lost almost 30 pounds! what I loved most about my results is the muscle I grew. my body went from squishy, looking like bread baking around twine, to a super thin waist, a smaller face, and the muscle mass i’ve always wanted! this app stands out because you don’t NEED premium for REAL results like many apps force you into! I never had premium when I lost all of this weight, BUT if you send links to your friends for this app and they create accounts and use it as well, you can get free premium! there was actually an error with my invites, so I contacted 8fit and within a day they fixed my problem! super great, super motivational people on this app! i’ve never been as dedicated to working out and eating healthy like I am now because of the app. thank you 8fit for helping me change my life around! ❤️

Pb Empire

Great app

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