8fit Workouts & Meal Planner 앱 리뷰

Love babe

I’m really counting on the app to help me burn my belly fat

Great, but a few improvements needed

I think it is a great app, and I wanted a meal plan and I knew I would need pro. $5.00 a month isn’t bad, I had $40.00 on iTunes. It said “$60 annually OR $5 a month”, so I wanted 2 months of it. I wouldn’t mind $10 for two months, but when I tapped on it it said $60 annual payment. I just want two months, I’m not made of money and I have other things I wanna buy. I have not done any workouts yet but I need a meal plan for it to make any difference. It literally said “meals count for 60% of weight loss”. Well, I can’t lose any weight if I don’t have healthy and easy meal plans! I just wanna lose weight and feel good about myself but I feel like it’s so hard. I hope the developer sees this. Please just make it so I can pay $10 for two months instead of a year. I promise if you do I will pay it, but I’m not going to pay $60 for a whole year if I don’t want to. I feel that a lot more people will pay for single months instead of a whole year because like I said, I’m not made of money. That’s why I wanted your AFFORDABLE meal plan. Developer, if you see this, please take my idea. Thanks.

Delicious 123

Just started working out and looking forward to my next workout.

Quick time saving work outs

I'm only on my third work out but am really loving how much time I can save in my day with these work outs. I usually run about 15 miles per week then try to get in some Pilates but after working 40+ hours each week I run out of time. These workouts are the answer for me. I feel great & definitely feel as if I've done an hour in the gym. I think every busy person should give these a try.

Great app

I really enjoy this app my whole family got it installed and loved it

Problems but love the app

I keep getting signed out and sometimes doesn’t let me sign back it. I don’t know how to fit the issues, but I love how I can plan my meals and not have to guess what to get nor how much at the store anymore.


I got this app just barely, and it won’t even freaking LOAD!!! I tried everything!!

Menú is not loading / crashes

You can pull out meals on the app, the receipts are not loading and when you ask for change the app keeps working and nothing pop ups

Unable to load

I just got the app the other day. I opened it and it showed some information about my workout and stuff, After loading the last section it goes blank white. Nothing happens after that.

My opinion

One thing I like about this app is you can customize the app to your liking, but I don’t like that you can’t do anything unless you sign up and pay for a trial. So I think they should at least include some minor workouts and food planning to the app for free, unless if they did and I did not realize.


This is just what I’ve been needing! It’s so easy and leaves me with no excuses!!!


So glad it’s back to normal.. love this app.. it really helps.. just keep going and don’t stop.. you will see the difference..

What I think about this app

I love this app so much it helps me so much with weight loss and arms.I was super disappointed that there some things you have to PAY FOR!!!!!!!!Really why would someone have to pay for this you people just want the money not to help people.I honestly still love it with all my heart and use like everyday but really!!!!!!!!

Horrible for those who don't want to spend money.

I'm looking for an app that will give exercises and a meal plan to help me lose weight. They give you exercises but you have to pay to even log in your food. If you pay for pro then maybe it's a good app. But I don't have the money for that. I would recommend YAZIO app for your meals.

very unhappy

I downloaded this because i thought it was free. i never saw a price on the app store. i have not used it at all. i have been trying to cancel but can't figure out how to do that. i can not get through to itunes. now it has charged me 60.00. I want a refund and i want to cancel. very UNSATISFIED! I'm giving this 1 star because it will not let me enter with no stars. I tried to report a problem and it won't go through. please contact me asap.


You do the free trial but it doesn’t tell you up front that to cancel and not get charged is not done within the app itself but with your iPhone settings in this crazy roundabout way. I was charged $60 because I “cancelled” in the app and buried low in the FAQ section is where it tells you that subscriptions have to be cancelled in Apple settings. CROOKS ALL OF YOU. SHAME SHAME SHAME!

Having trouble

I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue. I just recently downloaded this app because one of my friends has suggested it to me but I tried going into the app but I can’t it just keeps on loading. I can’t even get to the home page it just keeps on loading. Please fix this it sounds like a great app. ☹️☹️

Trial period

Be careful if you are testing this app during the trial period and do not wish to continue using it long term because you will not get your money back!


Really helps alot for flexing on your bullies

Is this app free or is it just a 14 day free trail?

Where do I cancel??? Is this app free or is it just a 14 day free trail?

Canceled my subscription

I Canceled my subscription and I was still charged and now there is way way of getting in contact with company to get refunded

Aggressive rip-off!

I thought I had the trial for a few more days. I got the receipt from Apple telling me I got charged $60. Turns out it’s they set it up so there are no refunds at all! I am wondering how many people get ripped off like - I just got the receipt some hours ago and it’s literally not refundable. The upgrade for just the recipes is NOT WORTH IT! This is theft.

Buyer beware. Read the fine print!

One star for deceptiveness. This review is NOT a review of the app’s functionality. Everyone who uses this app- did you read all of the terms of service, etc? There’s language in it saying you certify that you’ve consulted a doctor and, in addition to a host of other things you can’t or haven’t EVER had (dizziness when you’ve stood up, lost consciousness, been on blood pressure meds,...), you are certifying you aren’t obese... really. For an application that specifically advertises it will help you lose weight/fat, and includes options to select body fat percentages in excess of 48%, which exceeds the American Council on Exercise’s definition of obesity. So, if you can’t be obese and “legally” use the app, why do they allow you to set up a profile that states you are obese?! This might be a great application, but people need to be aware that if they have any conditions that rule them out from using the application and they still use the app, they have no recourse if anything comes up later that could be attributed to using the app. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised at the way the legal eagles buried the get out of jail free card in the fine print, but it has made me rethink using the app.

Love the Takata!

Loving this app. Doing the 14-day trial right now, but definitely will continue after!! Whipping me into shake for an upcoming event.


All I can say is that I’m dissapointed. Bad workouts + limited meals = 👎

Have to pay for basic use?!!

Really upset I have to pay to get my meal plan, I can’t even log a meal without paying this ridiculous I will keep this app because of its workouts, this is disappointing

Don’t pay for this

Not very helpful and will not let you cancel. Your stuck paying a high price for a not very helpful app

Just started

So just started so that’s why only 4 stars for now. Did my first day and so far so good. I have multiple injuries so being able to do something in short spells is, I’m hoping, will help.

Loving It!

I love how customizable the meals and workouts are – especially the meals. I have tons of food allergies, plus the need to eat vegetarian two days a week. 8fit is the ONLY app I’ve seen that allows me to customize to this level, and I love it! I would rate it 5 stars if it weren’t for the shopping list. I tried it only once, because it dropped 3 of the meals (they didn’t show up at all on the shopping list). Plus, when I got home, some of the ingredients I had bought didn’t seem to appear in any of the recipes I had chosen. Third – but this is simply a preference – I wish the shopping list would group foods based on where they will show up in a typical grocery store: all produce grouped together, all dairy grouped together, all canned goods grouped together, all boxed and soft-pack goods grouped together, etc. I tried to select all the vegetables and fruits at once, and found out at the end of my shopping that the citrus was in a different category! So, I had to traipse back over there at the end, with my tired kids in tow, to get the lemons, limes, and oranges. Overall, though, I am loving 8fit! I have decided to continue with the paid plan of $60/year — Thank you for the free, 1-month trial, 8fit. That gave me a chance to try it out, revise, try again, revise, and find what worked just for me. Loving it!

Personal fit app

I like this app because it helps motivate you to exercise. It’s kind of hard to say you can’t find 8-15 mins to do this. Helps count and track for you.

So awesome

I love this app so much!! It’s perfect, I would totally recommend you get this app!!

I don't know

I installed the app and it won't even work it just loads can some one tell me what's going on

Love it

I really love this app before this I was doing my own routine of working out but I never got tired and sweat like this before lol I love this app keep going don’t stop

Somethings not needed

I found the workouts to be good but the matching of food I’m not the biggest fan. Not all of us have issues with gluten and so I’m not a fan when pushing a thought process out that doesn’t effect all. For a person who’s been active their whole life and eats just about everything and still remains in good health, I wasn’t that pleased that everything I was recommended to eat had to be gluten free. The recipes were good in general.

Zero stars!

I canceled on the app on the 14th and was still charged. Emailed them to get my money back and they said there was nothing they could do because I had to cancel through Apple ID subscriptions. This company is really slick when it comes to getting your money.


I really love the meal planning and work out reminders. It makes accountability really easy. From the grocery list to the recommended workouts, I just Find that this app holds you accountable. Love it

Love it!

Definitely a challenge!!

Truly inspiring

This app helps me more than any app that I have tried thus far. It keeps me motivated.

Amazing app!

This app is a good way to lose weight, or get stronger! I am in love with this app!😍😍❤️❤️

$50 charged instead of $5 monthly

I signed up for this app to charge me $5/ month. The next thing I know I’m being charged $60 for the whole year. I’m very upset about this purchase.

Best app ever

This is one of the best apps I have ever used in my life

Very upset!

Why don’t you have a phone number or email on your help page?? I can’t even google your contact info! I subscribed for the three months pro plan free trial and when I canceled it three days later you had already charged me $44.99 and didn’t give me my money back and I’m unable to contact you. After I canceled you said that I can have until 12 months from now to still use the pro plan when my trial should actually only be three months. I don’t care about having an extra 11 months to use the pro plan after canceling… I want my money back!

This app is amazing

So user friendly ! I love the variety of excercise! It has so much to offer and it has really helped me in my weight loss journey!! Highly recommend to anyone!!

Zero Stars

During the free trial period my card was charged. I tried to cancel and that was complicated. I didn’t think I had successfully canceled so I just resigned to the idea that I would just have to use the app to get my money’s worth. I went on today and looked at my profile and found that my subscription was cancelled on the 15th however my card was charged and I have received no refund. So now I’m out money and I can’t use the app 😖.

Queen Vic Provincetown

This is a great way to get motivated if you have not worked out in awhile !


i absolutely love this app :) it lets me customize my own workouts based on what part of my body i wanna strengthen that day and change the level of difficulty. if i could fix 1 thing i would make the meal plans free- i bought one of the meal plan deals ($5/month) and i use it enough to make it worth the money- if someone wants to find their meal plan but won’t use it all the time they probably aren’t going to buy it. other than that i fricken love 8fit and totally recommend it to everyone who wants workouts/meals suitable for them-great work!!!


Not worth the cost of the subscription. The meal plan just repeats itself multiple days in a row. The exercise plan is no different from the free version. Will definitely cancel the subscription. If I could get a refund, I would have already canceled.

Easy to use

Love how easy this app is. Love the reminders and the video tutorials. Great app

Blank screens

I have been using the free version for 7 months. Was great for variety. Always worked well. I have recommended to several friends and coworkers. Now since the latest update all I see is a blank screen when I select a workout. Don’t you guys test your updates?


Thank you so much! I need your brains so I can faithfully follow your app & get to it!

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